We are living in a time of incredible change and upheaval.  How can we respond with the timeless gospel to a quickly changing cultural landscape?

R. York Moore connects organically through vivid and relevant storytelling with a solid Biblical base and cocommitment to expository preaching. Calling people to Christ from coast to coast, R. York Moore understands how to help people of all cultures and backgrounds connect with Jesus Christ. R. York Moore has a unique blend of cultural acuity, passion for personal conversion, and a prophetic voice for global social justice that has connected in a powerful way with conference goers of all backgrounds. R. York Moore is committed to calling people to faith in Christ using creative, experiential symbolism conjoined with the clear and consistent message of the Gospel.

A Both/And Gospel in an Either/Or World delivered at the Evangelical Covenant Church MidWinter 2016 pastors conference in Chicago, IL